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Coir Fibre Pith Bale

The larger block usually 25Kg in weight is known as a coir fibre pith bale and is generally used by distributors who will break bulk and resell in small quantities, and also by Green House growers who are re-laying a susbstrate and will need a large volume of coir.

Earthscape is a leading coir fibre pith blocks manufacturer and exporter in Sri Lanka.

The coir pith bales can be customized to suit the requirements of the customer and treated according to the needs of the target crop group. The Coir fiber pith bales – Are compressed in to 25Kg/ 4 cu. Ft , 22/ 4 cu ftKg , 20 kg/ 4 cu. ft or 15 Kg / 4 cu. ft. You could say — it’s loosely compressed and could be used no sooner the bag is open.