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Welcome To Earthscape

Earthscape is a Sri Lankan company that has been set up to manufacture coir based products for agricultural / horticultural applications. We offer a range of products which include grow bags, briquettes, 5kg blocks, coir disks, and coir geo textile / erosion control matts. We also offer our clients the choice to set their own specifications for the different products which best suit the crop grown.


Our Company
Earthscape is a private limited liability company, based in Sri Lanka and owned by an entrepreneurial couple who have built up their business within the short span of 20 years, to become a growing concern with over 150 employees. Earthscape is now among the top 3 companies in terms of volume exported to clients across the globe.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission

We will shape our future as a world classs organization that prospers by : Being completely focussed on satisfying each of our customers, earning their trust and loyalty and Building profitable long term relationships with our customers, distributors, suppliers and the communities in which we work by transacting fairly, ethically and honestly.

To grow a Global Enterprise that will be the supplier of choice for sustainable eco balance

  • Our Promise
  • Our Faculty
  • Our People

Our Promise

Our promise is based on the processes we have already implemented at Earthscape, as well as skills for which our staff has been trained.

  • A product of consistent high quality, free from imperfections, plant and soil pathogens.
  • Timely delivery since we own and manage our facility and staff, and since we now have weather independent production facilities.
  • A product that matches your specifications perfectly; our staff remuneration is based on a zero tolerance policy, and we have over the last 5 years or so been able to sustain a zero tolerance on errors of any sort in the production process.
  • A lower carbon foot-print, since coir is 100% organic, and is transported compressed 14 times from its original size, resulting in extremely efficient transport
  • A sustainable industry, since the harvesting of coir pith does not endanger any natural habitat, nor is there any inherent dangers in handling coir during the manufacturing or usage process.

Our Faculty

As the use of coir as a substrate grows, Earthscape is constantly upgrading and updating its capabilities to support different uses and different crops. In fact our ability to customise the product to suit a customer’s individual specifications has made us the most viable partner in providing solutions for green house applications, and yield improvements in crops such as tomatoes, eggplant, raspberries, strawberries, roses, capsicums and cane fruit. The company is based within what is known as the Coconut triangle in Sri Lanka, where over 65% of all coconut is grown. Earthscape is one of the few organizations which has its own dedicated facilities and full time employees. Most of the coir produced in Asia comes from cottage industries, while an export company collects the produce and exports it. The investment made by Earthscape has given the company the flexibility of needing only to buy the raw material and produce the coir product to the exact specification of the customer, ensuring a consistent level of quality.

Our People

Our people are our greatest strength; they give us a sustainable competitive advantage over our competition. Staff are segregated into teams of approx 10 members, who work together and earn a shared incentive. This policy has helped us to ensure that peer pressure drives the individual and the teams to produce a consistently high quality. Teams are allowed to develop specialized skills involved in producing a particular type of product, thus reducing time to market. Teams are also rewarded for innovations that save time, cost, or improve the quality and usability of products. Staff at Earthscape over the years has grown into a close knit community, and the local community located around the facility too, has seen considerable development. The community has grown in affluence and Earthscape is directly involved in training children of the local community to speak and write in English. It is also heartening to see the development and economic enrichment of the families of staff working at Earthscape over the years. At a recent celebration we felicitated the child of a laborer who had gained admission to a University in Colombo to continue his higher studies. This, in a community where children generally drop out of school at the age of about 15 to support the family economically, is a huge achievement for us at Earthscape. Many other children have entered Medical School, Auto Engineering faculty and University.