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Earthscape is a leading coir (coco peat) disk manufacturer and exporter in Sri Lanka.

Coir disks also referred to as coir pellets or coir pots are adaptable and environmentally friendly gardening tools that are good for both your plants and the environment. You can grow healthier plants with coir disks if you know everything there is to know about them.

What are coir disks?

A byproduct of the coconut industry, coir disc are tiny disks or pellets made from compressed coconut coir. They are a popular seed-starting and transplanting medium and a sustainable substitute for peat moss.

Benefits of using coir disks:

Sustainable and eco-friendly: The renewable and biodegradable material used to create coir disks. They are also produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, making them a wise choice.

Improved seed germination: Better moisture retention and air circulation are made possible by coir disks, which offer a uniform and sterile environment for seed germination. Damping-off disease risk can be decreased, and seedling survival rates can be increased.

Transplant shock reduction: Transplant shock can be reduced and root disturbance can be minimized by planting coir disks directly in the ground.

Improved nutrient uptake: Potassium and other vital nutrients are abundant in coir disks, which can support strong plant growth.

pH neutral: The neutral pH of coir disks makes them suitable for a variety of plants.

Applications of coir disks

Seed starting: Seeds can be started indoors or in a greenhouse using coir disks as a medium. They offer a uniform, sterile environment for seed germination that lowers the risk of disease and increases seedling survival rates.

Transplanting: Transplant shock can be minimized and planting can be done more quickly and easily by planting coir disks directly into the ground.

Container gardening: With their superior drainage and moisture retention for wholesome plant growth, coir disks can be used as a growing medium in containers.

Overall, cocopeat disk are preferred by many gardeners and growers looking for a sustainable and adaptable solution because they outperform conventional seed-starting and transplanting techniques in a number of ways.

Coir disks can help you grow healthier plants while minimizing your impact on the environment because of their improved seed germination, decreased transplant shock, and pH neutrality.

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