Earthscape a producer of 100% natural agricultural solutions, providing coir based products in Sri Lanka such as grow bags, coir blocks, husk chips, coir pith, coir geo textiles and coir briquettes.
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Grow Bag Coir Disks Briquettes
Earthscape offers the following basic products, within which customization is possible to meet specific requirements.
  • Coir Blocks
  • Coir Fibre Pith Bale
  • Coir Briquettes
  • Coir Grow Bags
  • Husk Chips
  • Coir Disks
  • Coir Geo textiles
Coir Blocks
The standard blocks are in 5 Kg weight packs. The blocks are dried and compressed and need to be rehydrated prior to use. The blocks can be either coco chips fibre or peat, and can be washed, unwashed or buffered. It is even possible to order a mixture to meet your requirements.
The 5 Kg blocks are extremely useful for potting soil producers, while washed and buffered coco peat is certainly of great interest not only to rose and pot plant growers but also to specialists in the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, sensitive plants and seedlings.

Coir Fibre Pith Bale
The larger block usually 25Kg in weight is known as a coir fibre pith bale and is generally used by distributors who will break bulk and resell in small quantities, and also by Green House growers who are re-laying a susbstrate and will need a large volume of coir.
The coir pith bales can be customized to suit the requirements of the customer and treated according to the needs of the target crop group.

Coir Briquettes
In addition to the blocks, we also supply coco peat in briquettes. These easy-to-use briquettes are smaller in size and work in the same way as the blocks. When wet, they swell up and their volume increases by about ten times. For example, one briquette provides approximately 8 litres of pure coco peat. You can choose washed, buffered or unwashed coco peat. Briquettes can be individually wrapped if needed.
Briquettes are ideal for resellers who target small garden and green house owners. In addition the briquettes are ideal for hydroponic vegetable and fruit cultivation.

Coir Grow Bags
Coir grow bags are used for vegetable and flower cultivation, and the focus is on providing the correct mixture of the substrate to suit each individual crop. The coir is enclosed in a plastic bag with grip holes, plant holes and drain holes placed to meet your individual hydration system. In addition to the grow bags there are some clients who also order coir planks which are used without the plastic bags.
The size and mixture of the grow bag are determined by the product that is being cultivated. Grow bags are an ideal medium to be used in a controlled green-house environment which can be irrigated with a drip hydration system.

Husk Chips
Husk chips are used widely to line floors of green houses and in between plant beds to control weeds, for the growing of orchids, for creating mulch (a mixture of different coir products to control the porosity of the mixture) , creating growbag blends, and compost potting soils. Husk chips are also used as reptile bedding.

Coir Disks
Our coir disks are a carefully blended potting soil mixture (completely tailored to your plants and situation if necessary). The coir is dried and compressed into a compact disc, with a special hole for a plug where appropriate. When you wet this disc, it swells up to produce the required potting soil mixture. All you need to do is place the disc in a bucket and the water will do the rest. The discs are available in various sizes.
The coir disks protect the essential elements of the soil and helps to keep the plant well hydrated and give the roots access to more airflow.

Coir Geo Textiles
Coir based geo textiles are effectively used for improving soil behaviour, for preventing soil erosion and in consolidating soil fertility. Coir being a good water absorbent helps in establishing vegetation rapidly. Coir geo-textiles allow excellent air, water and light passage helping in the deep rooting of plants. Moreover they are more easily installed. They can also withstand human and even animal movements without any deterioration.

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