Earthscape a producer of 100% natural agricultural solutions, providing coir based products in Sri Lanka such as grow bags, coir blocks, husk chips, coir pith, coir geo textiles and coir briquettes.
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Our Promise
Our promise is based on the processes we have already implemented at Earthscape, as well as skills for which our staff has been trained.
  • A product of consistent high quality, free from imperfections, plant and soil pathogens.

  • Timely delivery since we own and manage our facility and staff, and since we now have weather independent production facilities.

  • A product that matches your specifications perfectly; our staff remuneration is based on a zero tolerance policy, and we have over the last 5 years or so been able to sustain a zero tolerance on errors of any sort in the production process.

  • A lower carbon foot-print, since coir is 100% organic, and is transported compressed 14 times from its original size, resulting in extremely efficient transport

  • A sustainable industry, since the harvesting of coir pith does not endanger any natural habitat, nor is there any inherent dangers in handling coir during the manufacturing or usage process.


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