Earthscape a producer of 100% natural agricultural solutions, providing coir based products in Sri Lanka such as grow bags, coir blocks, husk chips, coir pith, coir geo textiles and coir briquettes.
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Coco Husk Fibre 18cm Buffered Husk Chip Disk Husk Chips in 5kg Blocks
Customised Products
Earthscape offers the following customised products, within which customization is possible to meet specific requirements.
  • 3.3KG Coir Blocks
  • Coco Husk Fibre
  • 18cm Buffered Husk Chip Disk
  • Husk Chips in 5KG Blocks
3.3KG Coir Blocks
3 Coir Blocks packed together in a transparent Bag. Each block is 3.3KG in weight.
Coco Husk Fibre
The Coco Husk Fibre is a 11kg bag of Husk Fibre packed in a transparent LDPE bag. The Husk Fibre is used mainly for cultivation of flower bulbs and is exported mainly to customers in Japan and Korea
18cm Buffered Husk Chip disk
This unique product is a disk of compressed husk chips, which is specially washed and buffered. The diameter of the disk when compressed is 18cm with a dripper hole of 5.5 mm. Once hydrated the product expands to 7.5 ltrs. This is ideal for growing soft fruits such as berries and we currently export this product to many customers in Europe.

Husk Chips – in 5KG Blocks
We use superior compression machines to compress Husk Chips into 5kg blocks, which are a manageable weight and easy to handle size (dimension).

Husk chips are used widely to line floors of green houses and in between plant beds to control weeds, for the growing of orchids, for creating mulch (a mixture of different coir products to control the porosity of the mixture) , creating growbag blends, and compost potting soils. Husk chips are also used as reptile bedding.


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