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Coir as a Substrate
The first documented use of Coir, sometimes known as Coirpeat or Cocopeat, in Sri Lanka is during the British period in the early 19th century, where it was used as a medium for various horticultural applications. The British sent some Coir back to England where it was used at the historic “Kew Gardens” in London. While it was accepted by the staff as an excellent medium, it was discounted because efficient transportation was difficult.

The use of coirpeat was revived by a few agronomists from Holland and the UK in the 1990s. By this time technology had been developed to compress the dry peat down 14 sizes from its original size, and also to rehydrate it by simply adding water to the product. This enabled coir to be transported in dry compressed state making its widespread use practical.

Some of the advantages of using coir as a substrate are:
  1. Uniform wetting – coir supports uniform wetting and therefore is an excellent medium.

  2. Good drainage – while the need for water exists, the medium should also support drainage of excess, and in this feature coir is unrivaled.

  3. Oxygen for the roots – any hydroponic medium must allow for a good flow of air and a rich mix of oxygen for the root system, in order to support good growth. The fibrous nature of the products ensures good airflow at all times.

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