Earthscape a producer of 100% natural agricultural solutions, providing coir based products in Sri Lanka such as grow bags, coir blocks, husk chips, coir pith, coir geo textiles and coir briquettes.
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Grow Bag Coir Disks Briquettes
Earthscape offers the following basic products, within which customization is possible to meet specific requirements.
Coir Blocks
The standard blocks are in 5 Kg weight packs. The blocks are dried and compressed and need to be rehydrated prior to use. The blocks can be either coco chips fibre or peat, and can be washed, unwashed or buffered. It is even possible to order a mixture to meet your requirements.
The 5 Kg blocks are extremely useful for potting soil producers, while washed and buffered coco peat is certainly of great interest not only to rose and pot plant growers but also to specialists in the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, sensitive plants and seedlings.

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