Earthscape a producer of 100% natural agricultural solutions, providing coir based products in Sri Lanka such as grow bags, coir blocks, husk chips, coir pith, coir geo textiles and coir briquettes.
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About Earthscape
Earthscape is a Sri Lankan company that has been set up to manufacture coir based products for horticultural applications. We offer a range of products which include grow bags, briquettes, 5kg blocks, coir disks, and coir geo textiles. We also offer our clients the choice to set their own specifications for the different products which best suit the crop grown.

The Company
Earthscape is a private limited liability company, based in Sri Lanka and owned by an entrepreneurial couple who have built up their business within the short span of 10 years, to become a growing concern with over 150 employees. Earthscape is now among the top 3 companies in terms of volume exported to clients across the globe.

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